Recently I met a fellow Internet Marketer and CPA guru named Joey Babineau, Joey Babs for short.  Joey has been doing CPA marketing for years and he is known in many circles as a goto guy if you want to learn CPA.  I bought into his training course Powerhouse Affiliates and all I can say is WOW! […]

Easy Niche Selection – Easier Than You Think

Hello Again, I hope that you had a good weekend and that you have put to action some of the steps that we went over in my last post, is a little yellow sticky in view right now? As always is the case, this will be rather short and to the point. Today’s topic is […]

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Setting Goals – Are You???

As many of you know, I have been full time now online for almost 6 years now. This summer marks the 6th anniversary of me becoming “un-employable” by choice. Yeah you read that right, there is no J-O-B out there that could possibly entice me to leave there world of online marketing. Enough of me, […]

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What is Content Marketing?

Is article marketing dead?  Many marketers think that article marketing is a waste of time. I however see article marketing to be just as strong as it has been, however as part of a different type of marketing called content marketing. Before you could simply write an article and submit it to one of the […]

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One of the most popular questions that I get from people looking to break into Internet Marketing is about choosing a market or what most term a niche. In particular if the niche they are looking at is a good one or a bad one. What a loaded question that is I tell you. Many […]

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Laser Targeted Traffic From Blogs – Commenting

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Blogs are a great way of get a ton of traffic and for building relationships. This can be either with your own blog or through other peoples. Other peoples…what?  Yes through Blog Commenting. It is one of my favorites and works really well.  You visit other blogs in your niche and look for posts where […]

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Easy Word Press SEO Plug In

If you are using Word Press, this is a must have plug in.  Created by warrior Chris Landrum, it is the best SEO tool I have seen for insuring that your Word Press site is optimized as good as it can be, and you know that this is extremely important when it come to ranking […]

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Google AdSense – Can You Make Money?

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Today on the internet there is a vast number of ways you can make money. One of those is from Google AdSense. It is a feature that allows website owners to have Google place sponsored ads onto their site. Whenever a site visitor clicks on one of the ads, the site visitor makes a little […]

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The Suzuki Method

Check out this video for a cool way to become more productive. Cheers Scott

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Productivity – The Key To Reaching Your Dreams

I know you have heard it a million times, heck I’m guilty of it too, “write down your daily to do’s, schedule your daily routine, yeah yeah yeah”. Sometimes I just get too caught up in something next thing I know the whole day is gone and I did not even get half of what […]

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